Back to School Style Evolution

Fall is nearly here and it's around this time (if not earlier) people start wondering what to wear for the first day - or week - of school. Let's face it, the level of dressiness usually devolves like so: On the first day, you’re strutting your best outfits and feeling awesome. Maybe you’ve caught the eye of … Continue reading Back to School Style Evolution

What’s in Your Bag?

Whether you prefer a small crossbody or oversized tote, somehow our handbags collect the most random contents. Across social media, we are often struck with bag envy when we see perfectly positioned pictures of what people are carrying around, wishing ours could be that neat and contain so many cute goodies. That being said, this isn't just another post … Continue reading What’s in Your Bag?

Back to School?

No matter your age, everyone can benefit from some back-to-school wardrobe rejuvenation. Most stores throw huge clearance sales on their summer inventory, which is a great way to stock your closet for the next warm season. They also offer great deals on new fall collections in hopes of luring you in for more—so, take advantage! … Continue reading Back to School?

Trend Watch: Fall Palettes

You've been reading about styles for the upcoming season; let's talk about colors! If you've been keeping up with the blog, you may have noticed floral prints are mentioned quite frequently. Now, let’s say floral prints aren’t quite your thing—how about giving floral brights a try? The red of a rose in bloom and yellow of dandelions … Continue reading Trend Watch: Fall Palettes

Boot Love: Riding Boots

Autumn is quickly approaching and flip flops are not exactly conducive to cooler weather. To avoid the cliché of fur-lined boots, try out a pair of riding boots! This recent trend isn't just reserved for professional equestrian riders. A pair of leather (or as close to leather as you can get) riding boots combined with a … Continue reading Boot Love: Riding Boots

The Denim Bar

Who doesn't love denim? Faded, boyfriend, destroyed, dark, jegging - they are all a staple to the closet. Denim done well is an effortless look that can be dressed up or down for pretty much any occasion. Running errands around town with Converse and t-shirt or paired with your favorite heel and blouse to go … Continue reading The Denim Bar

Style Files: Cape

I love capes. No, not the Superman, Thor, Batman, or whatever-superhero-you're-thinking-of type cape. I mean the warm and extremely functional fashion cape. Yes, I realize it's only August and in no way is anyone ready to think about winter, but capes are certainly a useful fashion transition piece from season to season! For example, take Olivia Palermo: Palermo … Continue reading Style Files: Cape

Trend Watch: Midday Fashion Statement

So, lunch just got that much cooler. Instead of bringing a crumbled, brown paper bag to the office or school cafeteria, try grabbing one of these instead. Toting this to lunch will surely catch the gaze of any wandering eye. It’s amazing the impact a small change can provide—who said lunch boxes can’t be different … Continue reading Trend Watch: Midday Fashion Statement

Trend Watch: Flower Power 2014

One major trend that has popped up this summer is the floral print pattern. Blooms are dominating clothing racks and quickly picked off the shelves. Tops, shorts, dresses, headbands, leggings, skirts, bathing suits, and even shoes are adorned with different types of blossoms ranging from sunflowers and daisies to roses and carnations. Don’t be afraid … Continue reading Trend Watch: Flower Power 2014

Our Favorites: August Edition

Fall Fashions: It's no secret that fashionistas look forward to the end of summer for fall shopping! We are OBSESSED with this year's looks on the fall runways and rounded up some of our favorite fall trends for you to explore and enjoy once the temperature drops: Wrap Coats Dresses Over Pants Matchy-Matchy Sets Sneakers & … Continue reading Our Favorites: August Edition