Build a Timeless Fall Wardrobe – Now.

To me, fall is the BEST time to re-evaluate one's closet.  The ability to purge items makes it easier to rationalize buying new, on-trend (without being trendy) pieces. This is an important point - never confuse trendy with being on-trend.  When done right, choosing "investment pieces" that can be layered and moved from one season … Continue reading Build a Timeless Fall Wardrobe – Now.

Autumn Evening Wear Outfit Inspo

Are you invited to be a guest at a fall wedding?  Or maybe you were invited to a dressy evening cocktail party.  If so - consider yourself lucky.  Fall can be such a fun time to get yourself all gussied up.  consider these factors: the heat and humidity have *likely* dissipated, so you won't quickly … Continue reading Autumn Evening Wear Outfit Inspo

Trending Now: Glitter Masks

Glitter has long been a hot "accessory" for festival looks.  Used as makeup, it's shimmery magic is undeniable. Things got carried away earlier this year when a "glitter tongue" became en vogue, and to take it a step further...a glitter vagina.  Ahem.  Use your imagination on that one, I won't be sharing images of that … Continue reading Trending Now: Glitter Masks

Haircut Trends

Looking to mix it up at your next hair stylist visit?  There are some cool cuts trending now.   The common denominator in all of these cuts?  A tousled, "messy hair don't care" vibe. A long bob, or "lob," never seems to go out of style.  Mix it up by adding some long layers at … Continue reading Haircut Trends

Eyeliner 101: How to Make Your Eyes POP!

Why do we use eye makeup?  It can be a grueling activity, for sure.  But when done right, the results can be stunning.  Most eyeliner users would report that they use the makeup to create the illusion of larger, more accentuated eyes, to highlight their eye color, and to make their eyes "pop." How to … Continue reading Eyeliner 101: How to Make Your Eyes POP!

To Do This Weekend: Get Your Grill On

It's Summer.  It's Grilling Season.  Maybe you've not yet caught onto this, but grilling is...easy.  Too easy.  Easier than anyone likes to admit. Here's a simple, flavorful meal which incorporates some of the summer's greatest bounties.  You can mix up the two sauces in short order, and grill everything at the same time and at … Continue reading To Do This Weekend: Get Your Grill On

Makeup Collabs

Clothing designers and media influencers do it all of the time - they collaborate with a label to create their own limited-edition collection.  Think Victoria Beckham for Target,  Alexander Wang for H & M, and Kanye West for Louis Vuitton (among many others).  Cosmetic giants also have taken to creating a more personal feel through … Continue reading Makeup Collabs

Get the Most Out of your Farmer’s Market Experience

One of the greatest joys of summer is visiting a local farmer's market and taking advantage of nature's bounty. The offerings can and should vary from week to week.  As we ease into August, expect the motherlode: depending on where you live geographically, this is likely the highest yield for locally-grown fruits and veggies. If … Continue reading Get the Most Out of your Farmer’s Market Experience

Ballpark Style – Hit It Out of the Park!

Take me out to the ballgame, indeed.  Going to visit your local major, minor, or little-league baseball team in action is one of the great American pastimes.  The game of baseball is so unique in comparison to other American sports, and spectating a game can be a great way to spend a summer's day or … Continue reading Ballpark Style – Hit It Out of the Park!

The Evolution of the Eyebrow

The evolution of the eyebrow in terms of makeup is fascinating.  Each decade seems to bring a new shape.  The problem here is that if you lived through a "thin" brow decade, you may have plucked or waxed your brows into extinction.  It's fascinating to see how a woman's brow has evolved over the decades, … Continue reading The Evolution of the Eyebrow