Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving soiree at your home?   Styling your table is a detail that should not be missed.  A little creativity and some advanced planning and you can have a show-stopping table.  Here are some images to provide you some great inspo. images via pinterest, bhg, sondralyn

Staple Sweaters

There may be no greater joy than pulling on a sweater on a crisp autumn day.  Many of us have a favorite old sweater that we shall never part with.  Finding the perfect sweater is an art...and once you find her, never let her go. Here are some tried and true favorites.  Necessary criteria required … Continue reading Staple Sweaters

The Best Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books have long been the interior designer's secret weapon. They can be layered on shelf (or a coffee table, duh!) for a chic look.  But more than that, they are a wonderful way to unwind and visually absorb beautiful and important images, all while learning a thing or two. Coffee table books must … Continue reading The Best Coffee Table Books

Holiday Gift Guide, Volume I: The Overachiever’s Edition

It is barely November, I recognize this.  But in this day and age of online shopping, there is absolutely no reason that one can't get a head start on holiday shopping and avoid the panicky mis-buys.  A gift with thought put into it is the name of the game, and thought and last-minute do not … Continue reading Holiday Gift Guide, Volume I: The Overachiever’s Edition

Trending Now: Babylights

The hair color trend of babylighting refers to applying tiny, feminine highlights around the crown and the hairline, with a slightly lighter hue at the ends - as a child would have. It is intended to deliver a sun-kissed, natural look.  The term was coined after client after client brought in pictures of their own … Continue reading Trending Now: Babylights

Interior Landscaping

There are many benefits to having a plant or three around your home.  They improve air quality, they look pretty, and they can give us a sense of satisfaction (if they don't go and die on you!)  Even if you are cursed with having a black thumb, these houseplants should be realistic for you.  And … Continue reading Interior Landscaping

Statement Sleeves are Gaining Momentum

The last few seasons, trends in shoulder hems have been all the rage: off shoulder, cold shoulder, no shoulder, one shoulder. This winter, it's all about the sleeves - they have become an accessory in and of themselves. There are so many variations of a wide sleeve that are big right now.  Wide sleeves became … Continue reading Statement Sleeves are Gaining Momentum

Winter White Denim

We've all heard it: wearing white is a no-no between Labor Day and Memorial Day.  We've all heard it...and many of us adhere to this ludicrous unwritten law of fashion etiquette.  This is nine months we are talking about.  That's right - NINE months that we are forbidden to wear white jeans?  I mean, a … Continue reading Winter White Denim

At Home Hair Hacks

You don't necessarily need to go to the salon and pay the big bucks and spend hours of your time for professional services.  Look for these at-home products and beautify your tresses at home, on your own time. A scalp scrub can help alleviate product build up - especially to combat the after effects that … Continue reading At Home Hair Hacks

BOO! Subtle Autumn Decor

Autumn is a fun time to decorate.  Ideally, your autumnal decor should take you from September through Thanksgiving.  Here are a few tips to get your house ready for all that autumn brings to your table! Don't overdo it.  Too much going on can make your Halloween decor appear downright terrifying. DO keep a clean palette … Continue reading BOO! Subtle Autumn Decor