Wintertime Skin Hydration

Winter is in full force.  There are many pros and cons to living in a cold climate, but I must say that one of the worst offenders is dry skin.  When the barometer dips, skin is on the front lines. There are some simple ways to combat dehydrated, lifeless skin. Often, we can tell that … Continue reading Wintertime Skin Hydration

DIY Tea for Two

I'm more of a coffee drinker at heart, but when those cold, harsh winter winds start to blow, I crave the warming, soothing qualities that can only be found in a cup of tea.  Many natural herbal-based teas promise to have medicinal qualities, to boot.  And we all might need a little TLC following a … Continue reading DIY Tea for Two

At Home Hair Hacks

You don't necessarily need to go to the salon and pay the big bucks and spend hours of your time for professional services.  Look for these at-home products and beautify your tresses at home, on your own time. A scalp scrub can help alleviate product build up - especially to combat the after effects that … Continue reading At Home Hair Hacks

To Do This Weekend: Purge your Closet

The closet purge: a daunting task, to be sure.  But, a necessary one as well. Sometimes it takes a rainy day to put you in the frame of mind to attack your closet. Or, perhaps a move is causing you to create piles: toss - take - donate! Even if you don't have fashionista friends ready … Continue reading To Do This Weekend: Purge your Closet

Makeup Collabs

Clothing designers and media influencers do it all of the time - they collaborate with a label to create their own limited-edition collection.  Think Victoria Beckham for Target,  Alexander Wang for H & M, and Kanye West for Louis Vuitton (among many others).  Cosmetic giants also have taken to creating a more personal feel through … Continue reading Makeup Collabs

Get the Most Out of your Farmer’s Market Experience

One of the greatest joys of summer is visiting a local farmer's market and taking advantage of nature's bounty. The offerings can and should vary from week to week.  As we ease into August, expect the motherlode: depending on where you live geographically, this is likely the highest yield for locally-grown fruits and veggies. If … Continue reading Get the Most Out of your Farmer’s Market Experience

Summer Makeup Regimen

With warmer temps and potential humidity during the spring and summer months, it is imperative to tailor your makeup regime. Foundation that flawlessly covers blemishes during the winter months can quickly turn into a hot mess in the heat.  Consider switching to a tinted moisturizer that will provide light coverage, a kiss of color, and of … Continue reading Summer Makeup Regimen

Clean Beauty: What’s in YOUR Makeup?

It's important not only to understand what we put into our bodies in terms of the food we eat, but also what we put ON our bodies.  We've all heard of clean eating, now let's translate that to clean beauty.  It's a bit alarming to know that the FDA does NOT put many restrictions on … Continue reading Clean Beauty: What’s in YOUR Makeup?

Athleisure Collabs

The athleisure train does not seem to be stopping anytime soon.  It's long been de rigueur for celebs to collab with fashion labels, and these days the celebs seem to be drawn to athleisure over traditional fashion.   Kate Hudson's Fabletics and Carrie Underwood's Calia have both been around for a few years, and more celebs … Continue reading Athleisure Collabs

To Do This Weekend: Break some GF Bread

You may be noticing a surge in gluten-free options both at the supermarket, and on many restaurant menus. For many individuals, the advantages and benefits of a gluten-free diet translate to better health. However, people with Celiac disease, Crohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis,  and/or allergies find the benefits of a gluten-free diet to increase their quality … Continue reading To Do This Weekend: Break some GF Bread