Football Food

The upcoming Super Bowl has our little town of Minneapolis all a-flutter.  There are many local events, concerts, and parties in the days and weeks leading up to the Big Event. Regardless of where you live, you likely will attend a Super Bowl viewing party.  During seasons that I have no real vested interest in … Continue reading Football Food

HOT Toddy Recipes

Let's be honest. Cocktails are very seasonal. Drinking a caipirinha, a bootleg, or even a traditional margarita in December seems a little...sacrilegious, almost. In this same vein, most people wouldn't consider drinking a White Russian or a hot toddy of sorts in August - it just doesn't fit. Here are a few seasonally appropriate recipes … Continue reading HOT Toddy Recipes

Stocking Stuffers

One of my all-time favorite Christmas traditions is the Christmas Stocking.  Stuffed by "Santa" when I was a kid, I couldn't wait to run downstairs and get right to my first task at hand - opening my stocking.  The tiny little gifts, the unique items, and the traditional oranges, nuts and candies delighted me each … Continue reading Stocking Stuffers

DIY Tea for Two

I'm more of a coffee drinker at heart, but when those cold, harsh winter winds start to blow, I crave the warming, soothing qualities that can only be found in a cup of tea.  Many natural herbal-based teas promise to have medicinal qualities, to boot.  And we all might need a little TLC following a … Continue reading DIY Tea for Two

Holiday Appetizers

Tis the season for parties, food, drink, and general jolliness.  Whether you are throwing a party or attending a couple, there is sure to be a need for a light bite. Think beyond the monotony of a cheese board, and try something fresh this holiday season.  A few more minutes in the kitchen will provide … Continue reading Holiday Appetizers

New Thanksgiving Table Traditions

Thanksgiving is a holiday rife with longstanding traditions.   Many of these traditions revolve around the food, naturally.  A traditional Thanksgiving menu consists of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce.  Other supporting players might be a yam and marshmallow dish, green beans, a wild rice casserole, or perhaps a rice pudding.  To finish things … Continue reading New Thanksgiving Table Traditions

Thanksgiving Tablescapes

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving soiree at your home?   Styling your table is a detail that should not be missed.  A little creativity and some advanced planning and you can have a show-stopping table.  Here are some images to provide you some great inspo. images via pinterest, bhg, sondralyn

Restaurant Trends

Whether you are a die-hard foodie, or one who only dines out at restaurants once a month - there are some trends popping up on restaurant menus all over the country that you should be on the lookout for. Unique Cuts of Beef.  Chefs are introducing lesser-known cuts of beef that are often less expensive … Continue reading Restaurant Trends

To Do This Weekend: Make SOUP

Fall conjures up many comforts.  Pumpkin spice.  Cozy, cable-knit oversized sweaters.  Mugs of steaming hot something-or-other.  The late afternoon sun casting a warm glow on the landscape. And SOUP!  I love to experiment with soups come fall.  Here's a unique soup to try out this weekend.  Get your pumpkin spice fix on, and eat with … Continue reading To Do This Weekend: Make SOUP

To Do This Weekend: Get Your Grill On

It's Summer.  It's Grilling Season.  Maybe you've not yet caught onto this, but grilling is...easy.  Too easy.  Easier than anyone likes to admit. Here's a simple, flavorful meal which incorporates some of the summer's greatest bounties.  You can mix up the two sauces in short order, and grill everything at the same time and at … Continue reading To Do This Weekend: Get Your Grill On