Celebrity Hair Trends

It's natural to look to celebrities to learn of hair trends and get inspiration for new styles.  If you are looking for a change for your own look, here are some recent winners from the red carpet starlets! Halle Berry's Purple Tresses. Sarah Hyland's long, wavy extensions. Khloe Kardashian's lob. Cara Delevigne's pixie cut. Heidi … Continue reading Celebrity Hair Trends

Wintertime Skin Hydration

Winter is in full force.  There are many pros and cons to living in a cold climate, but I must say that one of the worst offenders is dry skin.  When the barometer dips, skin is on the front lines. There are some simple ways to combat dehydrated, lifeless skin. Often, we can tell that … Continue reading Wintertime Skin Hydration

Holiday Nail Trends

It's so fun to accessorize your nails according to the season, and the holiday season offers the most fun nail trends.  Check it out and get some inspo for your next trip to the nail salon! Metallics.  Mattes.  Creamy Hues.  Classic Red 2.0.   Purply-blues.  Hanukkah Spirit.      

Product Spotlight: KKW Beauty

Love them or hate them, those ubiquitous Kardashians know a thing or two about marketing themselves, and making a pretty penny while doing so.  They also evidently know a thing or two about makeup.     Kim Kardashian West (KKW for short) released her contour and highlighting kits back in June on kkwbeauty.com.  Available in both … Continue reading Product Spotlight: KKW Beauty

Trending Now: Babylights

The hair color trend of babylighting refers to applying tiny, feminine highlights around the crown and the hairline, with a slightly lighter hue at the ends - as a child would have. It is intended to deliver a sun-kissed, natural look.  The term was coined after client after client brought in pictures of their own … Continue reading Trending Now: Babylights

Statement Sleeves are Gaining Momentum

The last few seasons, trends in shoulder hems have been all the rage: off shoulder, cold shoulder, no shoulder, one shoulder. This winter, it's all about the sleeves - they have become an accessory in and of themselves. There are so many variations of a wide sleeve that are big right now.  Wide sleeves became … Continue reading Statement Sleeves are Gaining Momentum

At Home Hair Hacks

You don't necessarily need to go to the salon and pay the big bucks and spend hours of your time for professional services.  Look for these at-home products and beautify your tresses at home, on your own time. A scalp scrub can help alleviate product build up - especially to combat the after effects that … Continue reading At Home Hair Hacks

Trending Now: The Fenty Beauty Brand

Rihanna's Fenty Beauty brand is a lot of things, to a lot of people. Some Fun Fenty Facts: Rihanna's full name is  Robyn Rihanna Fenty, hence the name. The collection is complexion-based at this time, with no mascara, pallettes, or eyeliners in sight. Lauded for offering 40 different foundation shades, there is truly a tint that … Continue reading Trending Now: The Fenty Beauty Brand

Riley Rose: The Millennial’s Answer to Sephora?

Forever 21 is becoming an almost one-stop-shop.  In addition to their offerings of ALL things clothing and accessories geared toward the Millennial and Gen Z markets, they are launching a stand-alone beauty boutique in stores and online, to be named Riley Rose. From the outside, it looks to be a candy store.  From the outside, … Continue reading Riley Rose: The Millennial’s Answer to Sephora?

Kitschy Beauty Products

Ok.  We've all done it: fallen victim to a beauty product's ploy of romancing us with a fun, kitchy, sexy name; causing marketing geniuses somewhere to laugh themselves all the way to the bank. Marketers have been doing this since the beginning of time.  Case in point: Tickle antiperspirant, complements of the 1970's. First up: … Continue reading Kitschy Beauty Products