Greeting Card Roundup

The millennial generation do not give one another greeting cards. No birthday cards, no holiday cards, no congratulations. Not being a millennial myself, I can’t explain why this is. I love to give and receive cards, and I love the vast selection of clever cards that is out there. Here are a few off-the-beaten path card retailers.

Love Pop Cards are a card with a real surprise inside: a beautiful laser-cut pop-up three-dimensional image. The cards are designed on ship-building software and handcrafted in the ancient art form of kirigami. These paper sculptures can and should be displayed, and are really like a piece of art.

Hummingbird birthday pop up card
Cupcake Birthday pop up card

If procuring trivial things like postage stamps and up-to-date home addresses is not your jam, e-cards subscriptions are for you. American Greetings offers a service where you can receive reminders of holidays, birthdays, and other special dates where you may wish to recognize someone. The cards run the gamut of funny, silly videos to beautiful images. American Greetings also offers downloadable cards – if you have a decent printer, this is a more affordable way to procure your cards (they can sure be expensive!)

Rappin' Father's Day Ecard (Fun Song)
Beer Card Printable Card - Funny Birthday Printables

If you like witty, cheeky cards (no pun intended), Talking Out of Turn (TOOT) is a great resource. These cards are designed and manufactured in-house by a group of artists. Speaking of cheeky….

Miss Your Butt - Talking Out Of Turn - [product_description]

images via TOOT, americangreetings, lovepopup

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