I don’t know about you, but self-care is a buzzword that I hear often, and don’t always implement into my own lifestyle. Life is busy, and mothers are often guilty of putting their families first and themselves last. But, it’s true…you gotta nourish to flourish.

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But maybe it’s time to examine this whole self-care thing a little more closely. Self-care is meant to be something that we do for ourselves to put more gas in our tank, not something that might deplete our fuel reserves.

So what exactly is self care? It is many things beyond proper sleep, which is the obvious foundation of self care. Here are some other ways to treat yourself right.

-Stay on top of your medical appointments – don’t wait.

-Create a “no” list for yourself of things that you no longer want to do and stick to it. Examples might include avoiding at social media in the evening, attending events that we just don’t want to,

-Schedule alone time. Ink it into your calendar and treat it like it’s an appointment.

-Do something out of your comfort zone each day. Engage with a stranger in the grocery store line, or try a new exercise class.

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