Show Mom Some Love Today!

mothers day quotes

Moms come in many forms: they are not just OUR moms. They are our wives, sisters, friends, aunts, coworkers, and teachers. I can’t speak for ALL of the moms out there in the Mom universe, but I can speak for myself as a mother when I say that the little things on Mother’s Day are the best.

As the old “mom” adage goes, “it’s the thought that counts.” Show some love to the moms in your life, in little ways.

-Bring her breakfast in bed, or a cup of coffee just the way she likes it.

-Spend time together. Plan a picnic, a walk, a bike ride…having a day planned out will make her feel good.

-Fill her car up with gas.

-Surprise her with flowers – a simple bouquet will do!

-Chocolate or candy always works.

-So does champagne.

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