Fanny Packs: Yea or Neigh?

The fanny pack. The 1980’s immortalized the concept, and maybe not in a flattering way.

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Behold the Fanny Pack: also known under it’s aliases of hip pack, buffalo pouch, or waist bag. Believe it or not, this concept has been around for…well, about forever. For example, in 18th Century England, women wore a device that attached an assortment of everyday objects such as keys, fans, and pocket watches to a woman’s dress. Fast forward to 20th century, and packs like these were favored by skiers, cyclists, and other athletes to store essentials.

To be sure, the concept of a fanny pack is nothing short of smart and practical: a hands-free handbag. In recent years, designers have been really giving it a hard push

This nautical beauty from Tommy Hilfiger will add some preppy pizzazz and act as a belt to be worn with a monochromatic outfit. The two pouches can be adjusted to wear anywhere around the waist.

This beachy raffia number from Poolside Bags pack is uber-feminine and oh-so appropriate for summer.

TORY BURCH Fleming Quilted Leather Belt Bag, Alternate, color, BLACK

Now, fanny packs need not *always* be worn around the fanny! This pretty quilted beauty from Tory Burch can be worn many ways.

So, what’s the consensus? Will you be jumping on the Fanny Pack train this season?


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