Mother’s Day, the Etsy Way

We have long blogged about our love for all things Etsy. What an incredible marketplace to find individual, non-mass produced gifts and wares. (Sidebar: Boottique just made our 3,500th sale on Etsy! Kind of cool).

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12. Flowers are an obvious gift for many moms, and one that is typically appreciated. But it will really pull at Mom’s heartstrings if you put a little forethought and planning into your gift for Mom this year. Look no further than the creative community at Etsy for gift inspo! Here are a few items that we think are winners for Mom!

Timely this year with the political climate and women’s rights being on the forefront of so many conversations, I just love that Etsy has a ‘Fearlessly Female’ collection, to celebrate the artistic likenesses of such strong women as Rosa Parks, Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Eleanor Roosevelt, Amelia Earhart, and so many more. Perfect ideas for the strong mamas out there. One idea: this tee featuring the silhouettes of Hillary Clinton, Malala, Michelle Obama, and many others.

image 0

If your Mom is out of town, this bespoke mug is a must.

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A candle is a little extravagance that many moms love. This Mother’s Day themed candle featuring a photo of your family would please.

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Another t-shirt, but this one is just too good. If enough time has passed between you and your mom so that you can look back and laugh about the times you really tried her patience, this tee is for her!

This dainty necklace is so sweet, any mom would love!

Help your mom get her closets in order with The Boot Hanger – she never knew that she needed this, but she will thank you for it! These hangers will work with tall boots, short boots, and everything in between.

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Happy shopping! Make your mom’s day shine as bright as she is!

images via etsy

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