Swimsuit Trends

With spring break season approaching, we can be hopeful that warmer summer temperatures will be following soon thereafter. Swimsuit silhouettes seem to change from season to season, here’s a snapshot of what’s hot THIS season.

All Things Yellow. Flattering on many skin tones, this is a hue that will be popping up everywhere this summer…especially on the beach.

Sustainable Swimwear. You read that right, we are not talking about seafood here, but rather bathing suits. It should come as no surprise that the fabrics and materials used in making swimsuits are *not* environmentally friendly at all. Australian swimwear company Peony strives to make a more sustainable swimsuit by creating fabric made from discarded materials such as fishing nets found at the bottom of the ocean. Interesting!

Animal Prints. In particular, cheetah, snakeskin and zebra prints are popping up everywhere. This can be a slippery slope – this trend should maybe be avoided by those who are not uber fit.

Surfsuits. Finally, a swimwear trend I can get truly excited about! The benefits of this style is twofold: you get full coverage (no wardrobe malfunctions here!) as well as sun protection. I may just take up surfing this summer.

images via pinterest, peony, whowhatwear

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