Hygge Up!

With the robust Midwest winter we have been experiencing, we would be remiss not to take a minute to get a little Hygge (hoo-gah) with it.

What is Hygge? It has been a popular culture buzz word for a few years now, but in reality the terminology was coined in 1800’s Denmark. It is a word to describe a general feeling of cozy content. With a cold, beautiful Scandinavian winter scene as the backdrop, hygge relates to being warm, safe, and happy indoors (or out) while enjoying the simplicity of life. Fuzzy blankets, wool socks, flannel sheets, and steaming cups of your favorite beverage before an open fire with the one(s) you love – that is Hygge. Mix in some board games, a bubble bath, freshly baked bread, and some scented candles and you’re really in business. Bonus points for knitting, journaling, and anything sheepskin.

images via artfulliving, sonangon, pinterest

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