The Skinny on Weighted Blankets

Social media is all abuzz with twitterings about weighted blankets.  They were a huge gift item this past holiday season. But what are they, and why do we need one?  The price point is a titch high (ranging from $75-$400), so we should be sure to do some research as well as word-of-mouth investigation prior to purchasing.

Results are best when used on one person, but many couples share their weighted blanket.  The weight of the blanket ordered should be 7%-13% of a person’s weight.

There are a variety of fills used in weighted blankets, including sand, plastic pellets, rice, and glass beads. It’s pretty much personal preference, but it’s generally easier to wash blankets filled with plastic pellets.

A Study from Journal of Sleep Medicine & Disorders (2015) found that a weighted blanket helped those with insomnia sleep better, simply because it helped them feel more settled before bed.  Weighted blankets have long been used to calm children with ADHD, autism, or other sensory disorders.

The Gravity Blanket claims to aid with sleep deprivation, anxiety, and stress.  They back up their claims with the fact that lack of sleep can cause many serious health issues, including heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s.





The Roore is sold with a removable duvet cover (usually they are sold separately) – a bonus because laundering regular weighted blankets can be dicey as they are easy to damage.

Use Duvet Stays and Sheet Snugs to use your weighted blanket with ANY duvet. The strong ties will keep the weighted blanket secure within the duvet.

Duvet Stays and Sheet Snugs- The Complete "Sleep Tight" Bedding System - Boottique

images via amazon, boottique

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