The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

According to research, 60% of Americans make a New Year’s resolution or two each year. Here’s the startling statistic: 50% of these resolutions fail or are long forgotten by January 31. So…why do we torture ourselves with this tradition, if we rarely follow through for the long haul on our promises to ourselves? Well, as they say…hope runs eternal.

What are the most common resolutions? And how can people better stick to them? The top of the list usually centers around health and wellness, specifically weight loss and exercise. Other “popular” resolutions include the promise to ourselves to keep a tighter budget, to be kinder, to travel more, to get ourselves “out there” more. To better ourselves intellectually by learning a new skill or hobby. To be a better friend, sibling, spouse, person.

Another resolution that pops up with many people is the promise to get organized. This is one that seems more do-able because it is more tangible and therefore more approachable (unless your house resembles that seen on Hoarders: Buried Alive – then, I’m not sure what to tell you). If you start small, with a clear goal in mind, you can get your space organized from top to bottom in a matter of a month or two. A drawer here, a closet here…purging all the way.

A vertical hanger like this one below can help corral so many things…purses, baseball caps, jewelry, hoodies, and so much more!

Purse Stax™ Purse Hanger -  Purse and Handbag Vertical Organizer - Boottique
Purse Stax

Drawers all through the house can benefit from organizers to help corral small items and keep them organized. These gray felt organizers are especially perfect because they are adjustable in height, and they look pretty too – bonus!

Folding Felt Storage Baskets (Set of 3) - Boottique
Folding Felt Storage Baskets

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