How to Rock the After-Holiday Sales

Black Friday gets ALLLLL of the glory and attention. Black Friday’s cousin, Cyber Monday, is also a social media darling. Oft overlooked are the post-Christmas sales – but don’t underestimate the discounts you can snag during this period! Perhaps you are feeling a bit petered out on shopping and consumerism…but if you still have any gas left in your shopping tank or money in your wallet, here’s how to find the best sales out there.

Did you know that you can buy gift cards at discounted prices? Costco has been doing this for some time, and other sites like Cardpool and GiftCardGranny have great gift card deals that evidently only get better after the holidays! It’s always nice to have a cache of gift cards on hand in case of a gift emergency!

Retailers are trying to clear the racks of their winter apparel and merchandise to make way for spring, summer, and resort wear. If you happen to live in a region where anything resembling spring or summer doesn’t actually happen until April, then you know that you have many months to make use of winter clothing. Stock up now!

Hit the holiday aisles and snag your supplies for next year – you’ll thank yourself later. Gift wrap, ornaments, lights will be at 50-80% off. Hurry in – these items FLY off the shelves!

Target has released their post-Christmas circular. This year, it’s very storage and organization-centric, in keeping with the New Year’s resolution that so many of us make to get more organized. Stock up on bins, tubs, hangers, etc. They also are featuring discounts on their workout equipment and apparel to address that OTHER common resolution!

Speaking of home organization, that’s what WE do best! We are offering 30% off of EVERYTHING on our website using code HOLIDAYGIFT.

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