Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Every year, it creeps up.  While the holidays should definitely NOT focus around material gifts, the reality is that the tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts with friends and family is very much alive.  In our minds, we want to gift our loved ones with “just” the perfect gift.  Every year, December seems to fly by and many of us find ourselves scrambling to find a gift that is not necessarily perfect, and we find ourselves settling for gifts that are just so.  Here is a “SOS” list that can help dig you out of most any gift giving jam. 

-Go through your phone and find some special pictures from the year – they are in there somewhere!  Have them printed out at your local store and pop them in a pretty frame – voila! 

-Get online and find a gift subscription that can be emailed.  There is something for everyone on your list!  CaramelsWineMeal kits.  CosmeticsKids activities.  Candy

 -Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and channel your inner Martha Stewart…it’s DIY time!  Homemade baked goods are always appreciated.  Or, consider putting together a basket based on the recipients favorites.  For example, you could pick up several types of beans, a cute mug, a pretty stirring spoon, and some flavored syrup.  Arrange all in a pretty basket and you will make your coffee lover’s dreams come true.  

-Use this as an opportunity to make a mental note that shopping throughout the year is a SMART thing to do.  You might run across a pair of earrings for your mom in July that you know she would LOVE. Buy them: you will pat yourself on the back come Christmastime.  

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