Gingerbread House Envy

Building a gingerbread house during the holiday season can be a rewarding, albeit sometimes frustrating challenge.  Depending on the age of the builder, the end results can run the gamut from a goopy yet endearing mess of frosting to a majestic, jaw dropping masterpiece.  

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Ok, this is the “black diamond” level of gingerbread house making. 

Back to reality!  If you are planning to build a gingerbread house from a kit, take this advise: do NOT follow the directions on the box.  The frosting that they provide is suggested to be used as the glue to hold the structure together, and this will NOT work. 

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This will be your end result if you use the “frosting glue” included in your packaged gingerbread house

Fire up a hot glue gun and solidify your structure, let it cool and set for a few hours, and then proceed with your decorating. 

Are you a chocolate lover?  Consider declaring your love with a house like this. 
Gingerbread house - unfinished
Urban dwellers can emulate their domaine by building a “rowhouse” style gingerbread block.
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This “nutty” house is so clever, mimicking a rustic cabin. 
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If you’re working on building a house with young children, remember to keep it simple.  Graham crackers and simple candies allow multiple children to make their own individual house!  
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Let’s face it, the gingerbread walls of the house are not the most aesthetically pleasing.  Using the glue gun, adhere pretzel logs to cover up the “drywall” look.

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