Decorating Outdoor Winter Containers

Decorating for the holidays can be so fun and rewarding.  Don’t forget your front porch: using fresh greenery with some embellishments can keep your house looking pretty from when the mums wilt in November until April’s pansy season.  You can remove any Christmas or Hanukkah embellishments when the season is over, maintaining the winter-y vibe of the planters.

In any container, texture and layering are key.  There is no wrong way to do this, and you can alter things as you go. Enjoy!

Beginner Level.


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Intermediate Level.

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Advanced Level.

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Extra Large Potted Advent Wreath

Old rusty milk jug turned into a planter. Lovely, rustic outdoor decor!

Ph.D. Level.

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Holiday Outdoor Decorating Tips from Mariani Landscape - Traditional Home®


If you have a street mailbox, don’t forget to give it some love!

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