Fall Organization Tips

If you’re looking to get your home in tip-top organization shape before snow flies and the holiday rush ensues, we have some great ideas and images to inspire you!  Take a look…

As we all well know by now, common sense will tell you that the first step of closet organization is to PURGE and get rid of items you just don’t wear anymore, for whatever reason.  Don’t overthink this – just get rid of anything that you haven’t worn in 12 months, and don;t look back.

Clear out off-season items. Unless you are blessed with a Taj Mahal of a closet, space is  likely at a premium in your space.  Get creative and find an alternate space to store last season’s items, whether it be in a spare bedroom, on a hanging rack in the basement (a shower curtain rod and some rope work well), or in an armoire, freeing up space in your closet for only the items you are currently able to wear is crucial.  Identify t-shirts, warm-weather workout clothes and other “folded” items that you know won’t see the light of the winter months, and refold them well, then stash them away.

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Scour your coat closet and get prepared for the cold. Purge any coats you didn’t wear LAST winter, and ship off those you plan to wear to the dry cleaners now, so that they will be fresh and ready to go when cold weather hits.  Similarly, examine your boots and winter footwear, and repair and clean as needed.  Go through your cache of scarves, hats, and gloves and purge any mismatched or unwanted outerwear items.  Organize using baskets and you will be happy you did on a snowy, hectic winter morning that is likely coming your way soon.

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Looks matter.  When organizing a closet, things should be functional, but you should still try to include some pretty aesthetics.  Putting laundry away and getting dressed in a space that you love will make these tasks easier and more manageable.  Check out some of Boottique’s gorgeous products – even a small closet space deserves some love!


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