“…if you like it, then you shoulda put a belt on it…”

The hottest accessory of the season is the good old belt.  Even on designer’s runways, these belts are not crazy or outlandish, but fairly simple and straightforward.  They focus more on function than fashion: they are used as a vehicle to subtly accentuate the waist (no corsets allowed!), and nothing more.  Likely, you will  not even have to purchase new belts; look no further than your closet (or his closet!)

Isabel Marant


Adding a belt to your outerwear is big now.  It can turn last season’s clunky, bulky (but warm!) jacket into a more stylish statement.  Don’t be matchy-matchy either, it’s best to mix and match different colors, textures, and materials for the most unique look.


Be sure you have mastered the “cinch” technique.  Using a longer belt or a jacket belt, create interest and dimension by wrapping the belt around itself and/or tucking it in.


images via whowhatwear, popsugar, outfittrends, glamour

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