Airplane Travel Hacks!

Travelling is exhilarating and rewarding.  Seeing new locales, experiencing different cultures, connecting with far-away friends and family – it can be so amazing. The actual ACT of traveling, on a stinky, cramped airplane, is really not so exhilarating, at ALL.

There are people sneezing, babies crying, personal-space invasion, and let’s not even get into the potential threat of turbulence.  Being organized and prepared before you board is crucial – here are some tips to give you the best experience possible.

CANCEL THE NOISE.  Drown out the screaming babies with these babies.  No need for the bulky, over the ear foam earphones; technology has improved such that the right earbuds can cancel out most any noise.

HANG IT UP.  Do you have a special garment that you dpn’t want to stuff into your carry-on, and risk becoming a wrinkly mess?  Place it on The Travel Hanger and kindly ask the flight attendant permission to hang it in the underutilized coat closet at the front of the plane.

The Travel Hanger

TAKE THE EDGE OFF.  Maybe you are blessed enough to not have any fears of flying at 35,000 feet (NOT ME!)  If you’re not one to self-medicate at the airport bar or via prescription drugs, try this all-natural, non-habit forming remedy.  I don’t know if it’s the placebo effect or what, but it has worked for me and others I know!

BANISH THE GERMS.  Even if you are not a germaphobe, there is no denying that an airplane is about as grimy as it gets.  This little tool can be carried on and swiped across your tray table, seat, headrest, and the especially gag-worthy unisex bathroom.   

STAY HYDRATED.  A collapsible water bottle is a brilliant space saving solution to the dehydration that is very real issue at 35,000 feet.  Just remember to bring it to the airport empty and fill it up after you pass security.  This one is BPA free as well – bonus!


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