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Many people instill a “no shoes in the house” rule.  Remember the Sex in the City episode where Carrie attends a baby shower at a chic home in her chic outfit that paired perfectly with her chic shoes, only to arrive and be asked to remove said shoes?  Chaos ensued, and when Carrie went to leave, the Manolos had gone missing.

Whether you live by this rule or just prefer to wear a comfortable shoe around the house that doesn’t see the light of the sidewalk, it is important to invest in a comfy, supportive pair or two of “house shoes” to wear around the house.  Not quite a slipper, yet not exactly a shoe, a house shoe is intended to be worn while doing housework, cooking, and lounging.  Here are some great ones to consider!

Birkenstock has the corner on the house shoe market in my opinion (they have been around since 1774, after all).  Ergonomically correct and oh-so-comfortable, these shoes are timeless but become on-trend every few decades or so (right now they are having a hot moment).  Due to their comfort and sustainable cork footbed, hey always be number one for a house shoe.

Birkenstock Boston Suede Footbed

If your time at home is heavy on leisure and relaxation, maybe these pretties from Birdies are for you. After all, you never know when unexpected company might drop by….

Birdies The Robin

Now, if you’re looking for a slipper-clog-shoe hybrid, consider this type of style from the comfort gurus at LL Bean.

LL Bean Daybreak Scuffs

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