Closet Organizing Hacks

When life gets busy and hectic, it shows…in your closet.  When time is at a premium, even the most diligent organization-ista can fall prey to tossing clothes on a chair, or even…gasp…on the floor.

The best solution is to purge dated, unwanted or unworn clothing and re-organize your closet.  But that can be opening Pandora’s Box, and could be a very time consuming exercise.  Here are a few time-saving tips to help keep your closet living it’s best life, and be ready for anything!

For pete’s sake, do not throw your clothes on the floor.  Even if you lack the 10 seconds it takes to properly hang an apparel item up, having ample hooks at the ready all around your closet will force you to hang them on a hook, at the very least.

For example, this Over the Door Valet has four notches and plenty of space for multiple hangers.  The knob at the end is perfect for tomorrow’s outfit (or yesterday’s!)

Basket and bins! Corral your small items such as jewelry, cosmetics, and socks in small bins and baskets, like these below.  Baskets are true workhorses in any closet and can help separate your goodies, if nothing else.

Functional decor – a pretty large-mouthed vase can house scarves, socks, bathing suits, etc.  No one has to know of the mess inside of the vase. 

Using the “right” hangers for your apparel?  Not all hangers were created equal…many items can slip off of a standard triangular-shaped hanger.  The Curly Hanger can quickly store your tanks, belts, scarves, and much more.  They also cascade, so you can hang one off of the other, maximizing space.

images via boottique

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