Baby, It’s Hot Outside…How to Stay Cool

It can be tough staying cool during these hot, hot summer months.  Not surprising to us women, much of the heat and sweat centers around our nether regions, especially “up top” if you catch my drift!  Here are some apparel items that can help you stay fresh on the hottest summer days.

Cool Bra Camisole.  Now, there is really no gimmick here; the material is the same anti-wicking properties seen everywhere.  I think the cooling properties found here are simply due to the fact that the bra is built-in; no second bulky bra layer is needed.  Can be worn alone or as a layer underneath a blazer or sweater.

Armachillo Briefs.  These underwear contain microscopic beads of jade, which has natural cooling properties. They also offer a sleek, slimming profile.

Women''s Armachillo Brief Underwear

.  This is a thin vest, which can be worn on it’s own (it resembles athletic apparel) or over a tank or sports bra.  Originally designed to ease the heat related symptoms that accompany MS, this can be used by anyone who needs to cool down.  It is powered by cooling gel packs that can be frozen and reused indefinitely.

My Breast Friend Cooling Pads are thin, discreet cooling inserts for your bra.  These puppies will cool you down to a comfortable 58 degrees.  They do NOT require refrigeration and can be stowed in your purse.



images via amazon, 32degrees


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