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Marabou.  Ostrich.  Peacock.  Don’t forget duck, goose, guinea hen, macaw, pheasant, turkey, and rooster.  These are examples of the feather type used in fashion.

Done right, incorporating feathers into fashion can offer subtle texture, femininity, and intrigue to an outfit.  PETA might not approve of using the real thing, but in most cases in these times, the feathers are synthetic.

Seen on Spring and Summer fashion runways, the trend was seen recently on the red carpets of the 2018 Cannes Film Festival.


But how can we “mere mortals” incorporate this fun trend into our everyday lives?  Here are some inspirational looks sure to get your feathers ruffled.

A nod to the the busier flapper-style dress, the hem only of this little white dress is lined with faux feathers.

Distressed denim hems are all the rage right now.  These beauties from Frame soften the feel of black denim with the addition of a statement feathers (also faux).

Only Kate Spade can successfully pull of making a bold trend appear timeless and classic, like this feather hemmed sweater tunic.


Definitely avoid wearing these fun peacock feather slides on days when there is precipitation in the forecast.

Etsy is a great resource for feather jewelry, like these peacock feather beaded earrings.

images via popsugar, savserna, sassydaily, whowhatwear

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