“The Most Comfortable Bra You’ll Ever Wear.”

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The Most Comfortable Bra You’ll Ever Wear.

Well, THAT’S certainly a bold claim! If this phrase isn’t marketing gold, I don’t know what is.  And it seems it’s getting thrown around willy-nilly on the internet, by many a bra retailer and blogger.

Apparently, women own an average of 15 bras, but only wear two.  Why?  Because the other 13 are painful, viselike, itchy, and downright masochistic.  It’s easy to have a cynical attitude toward bras in general, and it is unrealistic to assume that what works for one woman will work for another as we all have such very different body types, as well as different preferences.  (Sorry, not sorry, for the cynicism!)

Let’s take a look at the bra retailers and bloggers who boast these bold claims of being The Most Comfortable, and their rationale to “support” their claims.

Who What Wear claims that the Negative Underwear Silky Demi Bra is the clear winner.  Double-lined soft nylon cups and a light wire make this supportive yet comfortable.  Allegedly.

If you’re a woman and have ever used social media, surely you’ve been romanced by True & Co’s True Body Lift V-Neck Bra.  It’s wire free, there are no pads, and it “supposedly” feels better than wearing nothing at all.

The optimists over at Real Simple Magazine swear by the Chantelle Intimates Merci Underwire T-Shirt Bra, based on the allegations that it is breathable and light, with unobtrusive straps and itch-free stitching.

As we all know by now, Oprah Winfrey is just a little bit influential.  And smart: she’s never made the claim of finding “The Most Comfortable Bra,” but she has included a couple of bras on her “Favorite Things” lists over the years. Dream Tisha is one that she favors.  It works well for larger busted women, boasting the astonishing claims of featuring no-dig straps, comfortable foam cups, and wide “wings” which eliminate the dreaded “side boob”.  Hrumph.

A piece of advice from an Oprah show circa 2005 – get fitted by an expert.  85% of us are wearing the wrong size bra.  The size you wore 10 years ago may not still be your size today.  A visit to Nordstrom for a proper fit might be the best place to start for us comfortable bra cynics!

Once you find the bra of your dreams, be sure to treat her right.  Boottique has an AWESOME Lingerie Care Kit which allows you to safely launder your investment.


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