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Just in time for Father’s Day, it’s time to talk about this interesting trend: Dad Sneakers.  Having lived through the 1990’s and the clunky, chunky sneaker trends that accompanied them, I need some explanation on this one.  The thick bumper-like soles, the bright primary colors juxtaposed against the bright white leather, and the zany stripes all seemed awkward and ugly even then.  I need to find reason be excited about the Dad Sneak Redux of 2018…I think the Dad Sneaker should join his friends Fanny Pack and Shoulder Pad and get lost.  I mean, Jerry Seinfeld is a genius, but the shoes were and are just so…dorky. 

Admittedly, if accessorized and styled correctly, *maybe* there are some positives to this look.  Couture designers are on board with this look, so don’t go to Foot Locker in hopes of finding the “it” dad sneaker.  This one from Balenciaga will set you back $895,


One thing is for certain: Dad sneaks are DEFINITELY more comfortable than your average couture shoe, and you will navigate the city streets with speed and ease.   Check out the look here.  Will you try it?

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