Trending Now: Holographic Makeup

Every spring season, there is a new, uber-trendy, bold cosmetic trend that pops up. This spring it is all about achieving a holographic look. What is holographic makeup?  It is a way of creating a three dimensional, color-changing, iridescent, almost mermaid-like look.  Here are various ways to use holographic makeup, on all parts of the face (and body).

Holographic liner can be applied by a makeup pro using a myriad of liquid liners, pencils and shadows to give a three dimensional, holographic look.

Take your highlighter to the next level by using one with holographic dimension to it.  The leader in this market is Milk Holographic Stick.

Holographic nail polishes are a less risky way to get in on this fun trend.  Some polishes only reveal their holographic properties when they are exposed to sunlight.  You can also apply nail decals for a more three-dimensional look. 

It will be interesting to see if and how these looks translate to the street, and for how long!


images via pinterest, inspiredwoman, harpersbazaar

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