Summer Home Refresh

As the seasons change, we naturally feel the urge to change things up around the house to reflect the time of year.  There is holiday decorating, of course.  Fall and Halloween is also a given.  But when summer comes, what can we do to mix things up within our homes?  Here are a few inexpensive ways to “summer-ize” your home!

We all know that we should be drinking more water, so why not set up a permanent water dispenser on your kitchen counter, filled with the bounty of the season?  Family members can walk by and fill their glasses all day and all night, and it looks elegant on your countertop.

Mixing up sofa pillows seasonally is an inexpensive way to trick yourself into believing you have remodeled, redecorated, or even moved to a fun new home!  Think bright, rich summer tones for the warm-weather months.

Add a few “beachy” or nautical decorations, even if you live far from the water and are not a sailor. Homegoods and Target are great resources for inexpensive, seasonal items like this.

A longtime decorator trick, using fresh fruit as a design element.  Lemons work well, but oranges and grapefruit are beautiful when arranged on a platter or bowl as well.

 Look no further than your backyard to create an organic, rustic bouquet.  Even if your yard (or your neighbors’) is not blessed with a fragrant lilac or forsythia bush, even an arrangement of interesting sticks and branches can look lovely.


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