Swimsuit Trends

Every year brings a new set of swimsuit trends.  I am personally thankful that the cutout suit trend has officially left the building, and that this summer seems to be showing some more classic looks.  I will show you each trend in both a one and two piece style.

Ruffles. Always a classic, these feminine silhouettes are a safe bet for any poolside gathering or swimming adventure.

Belt It.  Adding something around the waist adds an interesting and distracting detail.

Velvet. Definitely not the most water-appropriate choice, this look is for show only.

Over the Shoulder.  Dainty and feminine, off the shoulder is a fun way to add something different to your beach routine.

Stripes.  As we all are all well aware, horizontal stripes can be pretty unforgiving and unflattering.  But stripes placed vertically or on a diagonal, that’s another story.

images via popsugar, shopbop

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