Summer Signature Cocktails

Are you hosting a summer soiree? If you’re not, you might start to plan one after reading this post!  Summertime entertaining calls for signature cocktails, to be sure.  Offering a special drink is a great way to welcome your guests upon arrival, and is a great icebreaker as well.  Place your grouping on a pretty tray and offer your guests upon arrival.

Presentation is everything with a signature cocktail.  Straws and garnishes can make all of the difference.  Take advantage of the fresh bounty the season has to offer in terms of garnishes, and use them almost as “decorations” for the drinks and tray.

You only need to make one drink per person, then allow guests to stray back to your stocked bar of beer, wine, soft drinks if they want another drink.

Here are some amazing signature cocktail ideas floating around the internet to make your next gathering a winner!

Mix up a mean batch of margaritas, drill a hole in the cork of mini patron bottles, funnel the margarita back in, insert straw.  Your guests will go loco.

Who said that popsicles are only for kids?  Try these boozy popsicles at your next outdoor soiree!

The Greyhound is a classic cocktail – and the citrus-y qualities are very thirst quenching!  Garnish with fresh flowers (edible flowers are available at many grocery stores), or even a sprig of basil or rosemary would fit the bill.

Blueberry mojito, anyone?  The rich color alone of these drinks will make your mouth water.

A tray of non-alcoholic refreshers is another great idea.  Try mixing iced tea garnished with fresh mint and lemon slices into mason jars.  Add a straw and sip away!

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