Supplements – Two To Try!

We all know that there are supplements out there that we should be taking, but which ones?  And why?  In the wide world of wellness, there seems to be an herbal remedy for most any ailment.  But which ones should we invest in?  And which ones will benefit us?  Here are two that most every man, woman and child could reap some good ‘ol wellness from.

Collagen Peptides are having a HUUUGGGGEEE moment.  In case you just fell off the turnip truck, all the fit, sculpted, clean eating folks are spooning this powder derived from animal and fish connective tissue (yes, really!)  into their coffee, juices, and smoothies.  It packs a large punch of protein per serving, which aids in weight loss and a faster metabolism. The skincare benefits include smoother, softer skin. with better elasticity.  Stronger teeth, hair and nails are promised, as well as improved digestion and joint pain relief.  Um, why are we not taking advantage of this?  Try .




Omega-3 supplements are another powerhouse that frankly, we all should be taking.  As heart disease is the number one killer out there, we should all be protecting our hearts the best we can using the heart-healthy properties of Omega-3 supplements.  Other benefits of taking this on the reg include improved mental clarity, lessened inflammation, Your hair, skin, and nails will be stronger and healthier.  It’s been proven to help insomniacs and those suffering from dry eye and allergies.  is widely considered the leader in this arena (bonus – they are available in lemon flavor, ensuring you won’t experience any fish-y aftertaste).


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