To Monogram or Not to Monogram…

Monogramming: either you love it or you hate it.  You are on one side of the fence or the other on this hot topic.   I have a friend who sagely (and sarcastically) points out the irrelevance of the whole concept: are we worried that we are going to forget who the sweater in our closet belongs to?  Or are we afraid that our beach bag will be stolen if we don’t brand it with our mark? While I do like a subtle monogram now and then, I do see her logic, and can agree that monogramming, while intended to be classy, can quickly toe the line of cheesy tackiness!

Madewell has an interesting, fresh take on monogramming.  Why limit monogramming to names or initials?  How about catchphrases, mottoes, astrological signs, and hashtags?  So clever, and monogramming is free for Madewell Insiders (which is a free membership). 

For a more traditional monogram, Mark and Graham has cornered the market with class and style.  Their subtle monogramming style is spot-on. Sometimes, a bespoke gift is the best gift…it shows that the recipient put some time and effort into choosing a gift just for YOU.  (That’s y-O-u in monogram speak).

As high-end handbag aficiandos are well aware, a subtle monogram makes a “forever bag” more personal, and yours, well, forever (likely, you will be paying off that Goyard forever, so you might as well put your name on it!)


images via pinterest, mark and graham, madewell, etsy

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