Earth Day Your Way – #EndPlasticPollution

Tomorrow is Earth Day.

Earth Day’s origins date back to 1970 when throngs of Americans took to the streets to voice concerns over the way the Earth was being treated by it’s residents.  These coast-to-coast flash mob style rallies gained momentum each year thereafter, and well before the social media age which is quite noteworthy.

Today, Earth Day continues to raise awareness of current environmental concerns, and helps people understand what they can do on a grassroots level.  The Earth Day theme for 2018 is End Plastic Pollution.  

Here’s how you can do your part in the quest to end plastic pollution.  

BYOB.  That’s Bring Your Own Bags.  Many cities are cracking down on plastic bags, meaning that shops are not allowed to bag customers wares in a plastic bag without charging a fee (which is really more of a fine, if you think about it!)  This goes for produce bags at the grocery store.  Bring your own cloth bags!

Avoid eating at fast food restaurants.  There is so,so much waste at these establishments, plastic and otherwise.  Not frequenting fast food restaurants is not only good for the environment, but also your wallet and your HEALTH.  A triple threat! While you’re at it, make a vow to discontinue using plastic cutlery and straws, as well.

Invest in a great quality, BPA-free water bottle. For goodness sake, there is NO reason that anyone should still be buying plastic water bottles.  Because:

Do your part and make a vow or two.  The generations to come deserve to live well on our beautiful Earth.

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