Hello? Spring? Where Are You??

Depending on where you live, the iffy weather that accompany the months of March and April can drag on…and on…and on.  This year in particular seems to be never-ending, with the New England area experiencing their fourth (and counting) nor’easter storm, and the dreary Midwest cloudiness and mixed precipitation that seems to greet us each morning. I’ve always questioned the validity of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), until this year!

If Mother Nature isn’t ready to get the spring party started, here are a few easy and inexpensive ways to surround yourself with some bright, cheerful tokens of warm weather.

Lighten your look with a new, softer makeup regimen.  Ditch the foundation for a self-tanner to get your “base” going, like this one from Tanceuticals which is paraben-free, and has a subtle, beachy coconut scent.

Pick up a new, light, rosy gloss that will further soften your look.  Burt’s Bees has great glosses, at a great price point – Rosy Dawn is a great neutral shade for most complexions.

Invest in some great faux flowers.  This is not an oxymoron either – I have finally found some that look like the real thing.  My husband still hasn’t caught on as to why these haven’t bit the dust after a month or more!  If you happen to live in Minneapolis, head over to Ampersand Shops at the Galleria and check out their amazing selection of faux flowers.  They don’t sell them online at this point, but trust me: they are almost better than the real thing!   If you can’t make it to Ampersand, Crate and Barrel has some passable fakes, at a nice price point.

Faux Arrangements, Crate and Barrel

Go for the real thing. If you are more of a “go real or go home” type, the most obvious way to bring spring into your home is through fresh flowers.  Ranunculus is such a beautiful, elegant bud, with many layers and textures.  The tight buds seem to open into infinity and hint at warmer times to come, and the blooms last longer than other flowers.  Trader Joe’s often stocks them, or treat yourself to some delivered from Bouqs – you’ll be sure to make yourself smile :)!

Switch out your duvet cover.  With duvet sets readily available at every discount retailer, it can be an inexpensive way to brighten up a bedroom, and awake to a hint of summer (before you open the shades and look out the window, that is!)   This beauty is a great Anthropologie knockoff, and the price can’t be beat.  

images via amazon, crateandbarrel, burtsbees

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