Give Your Lashes a BOOST!

Thick, beautiful lashes are always in style, but never more so than they are today.  With lash extension shops in every other strip mall, many women have made the commitment to artificially amplify their lashes using this method.   And it is a commitment: lashes made of synthetic, mink, or silk are applied by a professionally trained lash technician, and adhered using a synthetic semi-permanent glue.  Here’s where the commitment part  comes in: a full set of lashes takes about two hours and anywhere from $80-$200.  You will then need to return to the salon every 3-4 weeks for lash maintenance which will run anywhere from $40-$100.  Holy high maintenance!


The results are typically gorgeous, and no one can deny that they are high-maintenance to keep up.  If you are looking for fuller lashes without making a full time job out of it, here are a few options for you.

You likely have heard of Latisse, the by prescription-only lash boosting serum that has been around for some time.  It is very effective in aggressively growing lashes – in fact, it’s the only FDA approved lash serum that has been clinically proven to actually work.  However, it’s heavy active ingredients don’t come without side effects.  These side effects include a darkening of the pigment on the eyelid, of the eye itself, red, irritated eyes, and eyelid irritation (I personally experienced all of these side effects when using this product). An almost identical product is LiLash, which is no longer sold only by prescription, but only sells on ebay within the US.

Here’s a natural alternative to Latisse, that will not result in the same side effects of a Latisse or a LiLash.  I was drawn to it for it’s natural properties.  But, it didn’t work for me – I saw no change after using it religiously for 12 weeks.  Maybe it’s just me…others have experienced great results.  Might be worth a try for others!

Frankly, the internet is flooded with all kinds of lash serums and enhancers – many of which are very pricey and are chock full of chemicals.  Here’s my next stop in my quest for a lush lash: castor oil.  I personally associate castor oil with an old-timey remedy for constipation and tummy issues; in fact, I have a vague recollection of my grandparents using it for these purposes.  Today, it is gaining back it’s old popularity with a new generation, who is using it for an altogether different purpose.  While not medically proven, people have experienced improvement in growing both hair, brows, and lashes from using pure castor oil.  And, it’s organic and inexpensive – why not try it?

Here’s another idea to up your lash game: use a mascara primer to thicken and condition your lashes.  Using a primer as a “base coat” adds an extra layer of volume without the clumpiness that appears when too much mascara is applied. 

shop L’oreal Voluminous Primer 


Good luck with lash boosting!  Check back and let us know what worked for you!

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