Knock it Off: Handbag Edition

This is the first installment in our new blog series, Knock it Off.  This fun series will examine ways to get on board with a particular trend, for less.  Enjoy! 


Many of us girls out there are handbag connoisseurs.  We covet them, we collect them.  Some we love more than others.  Some cost more than others.  Some may be designer, some may be from the endcap at Target.  But the true luxury lies in the designer bags…the smell of buttery leather, the easy slide of the zipper, the thoughtfully designed multiple pouches and compartments.  Often, for most of us, the price tag of the real thing is too much to swallow.  Enter…the knock off handbag.

The knockoff handbag industry has enjoyed a seedy, back-alley underworld notoriety for decades.  It’s been a sort of “caveat emptor” type of business – like that time my husband sweetly and unwittingly brought me home a “Katie Spode” wallet when on a trip to NYC.

There are good handbag knockoffs…

and there are BAD “Katie Spode-esque” handbag knockoffs (note the crooked stitching, upside down logo).

And there are some knockoffs that really leave you guessing: can you spot the phony below?

(it’s the one on the right).  

Shopping for these can be risky, adventurous  back-alley bargaining scenarios, and the quality is typically fairly poor on these bags. Identify a inspired version of a bag you covet, and research for the best dupe (and they ALLLL have dupes!) Avoiding patterns and prints (ie the iconic Louis Vuitton logo print).  There is too much room for error.  Stick with plain, unfussy bags to for the best knockoff results!

If you must have the real thing, you can scour sites like Tradesy, PoshmarkBagBorroworSteal, TheRealReal, Fashionphile, ReBag, and many more to get authentic, pre-owned bags at discounted prices.  Regular visits to local high-end consignment stores may prove successful, also.  Or…save your hard earned pennies and splurge on the real thing.

If you like switching out your bags according to season, occasion, or mood, maybe the world of “inspired by” bags is for you.  Here are some ideas!Boy Chanel Handbag, $4900


*Chanel Inspired* Aldo Duroante, $39.99



Chloe Drew Handbag, $1850


*Chloe Drew Inspired*Messenger Bag, $55


Michael Kors Miranda Quilted Mink Crossbody, $2300


*Michael Kors Inspired* Shaggy Chic Faux Fur Bucket Bag, $24


Kate Spade Make it Mine Small Maddie, $328


Kate Spade Inspired Mossimo Backpack Handbag, $26.99


Hermes Garden Party, $3675


*Hermes Inspired* Garden Party, $249

Ladies, wherever shall you store your inspired haul?  On the Boottique Purse Stax, natch!  It’ll hold up to 50 pounds of real, faux, and Katie Spode, handbags!   

Purse Stax

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