What’s New in Sunless Tanning

Self tanners have come a long way.  When they were first introduced in a few decades ago, it was hard to find one that didn’t have the salty, burnt-skin telltale scent.  Application was streaky at best, and the color was phony and unnatural.  Today, many advances in sunless tanning have been made, and it’s possible to gain a natural glow safely and efficiently.  In addition, it’s tanners come in different forms now: mousse, lotion, oil, dry oil, cream.  Please proceed with caution, if you are a self tanning virgin: it’s very possible to botch it up if you are not careful.

If you DO happen to over-do it and end up with an excess spot or two, here’s a tip: rub a slice of lemon over the affected area and the color will dissipate.


Even application doesn’t get any easier than with a body butter. This rich, creamy butter is a joy to spread on, and comes in several truly amazing scents, including mango and vanilla caramel.

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While it’s bold to promise that anyone can “look good naked,” it is true that most people look better with a little color to their skin.  The Tan Towel self tanning towelettes are basically foolproof – just rub the towelette evenly.  These are great for travel, too.


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Looking at the ingredient list of many self tanners causes me to pause and wonder if applying so many chemicals to my skin is worse than the dangers of the sun?  If you have those same concerns, check out True Natural Tropical Tan.  It’s all natural, and cruelty-free also.

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Don’t let the cheesy “As Seen on TV” packaging or the fluorescent orange woman scare you.  SalonBronze Airbrush Tanning System has great reviews, and it promises even application with its 360 degree applicator.   

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You can customize your depth of color with Tan-Luxe The Body Illuminating Self Tan Drops. Mix anywhere from two to six drops per body part with your usual body moisturizer and apply to the skin in a circular motion from head to toe.  A bit labor intensive, but a sure way to get just the glow you are searching for. It also promises firming and elasticity properties.

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While the $65 price tag on Xen-Tan Transformation is not cheap, you will get a good bang for your buck in that this only needs to be applied once a week.  It also contains skin-rejuvenating and collagen producing peptides and The hitch is that it needs to be rinsed off anywhere from six minutes to ten hours after application, depending on the level of tan you are searching for.

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Good luck with your glow!

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