Super Bowl Street Style: Minneapolis Edition

Here in Minneapolis, the excitement surrounding this weekend’s Super Bowl is reaching a fever pitch.  In the past few days, lots of local Super Bowl themed events were launched, mostly for us locals to enjoy.  Later this week, thousands will descend on our fair city to enjoy these same events, a multitude of parties, and of course the main event.

Arctic temps are forecast for Super Bowl weekend.  While you won’t find us exactly boasting about our extreme weather, we have accepted it as simply a fact of life in our state of Minnesota.  As Prince once wisely quipped, “The cold keeps the bad people away.”  (Hopefully it will keep unruly, beer-can-slinging fans away this weekend, as well!)  We persevere through these few frigid, ridiculous months because we live in a fantastic place and have an amazing quality of life in so many ways.  (Shhh!  Don’t tell the bad people, or the beer-can slingers!)

As locals, we Minnesota girls know a thing or two about how to dress smart while still looking chic in said ridiculous temperatures.  Here are Seven Suggestions for Superbowl Street Style: Minneapolis Edition! 


  1. Layer, layer, layer.  Layering thin coats on top of each other is smart and very on-trend.

2. Get puffy.  Down is your friend.  Clothing has become so technologically advanced in recent years, and we Minnesotans couldn’t be happier about the advent of the Puffer Jacket.  

3. Don’t forget your shades.  Minnesota experiences many sunny, bluebird sky days during the month of January.  Combined with the fresh dusting of show we currently have, let me tell you it can be downright BRIGHT out there!  Style your outfit up with some bold sunglasses.


4. Leave your fancy footwear boots at home – Minneapolis streets are routinely covered by salt and sand used to ward off icy road conditions. While this is great for drivers, it can wreak habit on shoes and boots.  Think practical in this department: choose Sorel over stiletto for the win.

 5. Fur has long been a controversial hot button, but there’s one thing about it that nobody can contest: it’s WARM.  I’m talking really warm.  If you want style and warmth, this is the only route to go.  Just pray that you don’t run into Pamela Anderson.

6. Go big or go home!  It’s not frowned upon to style a long, oversized puffer over a fancy dress outfit.  It’s ok, we understand – really! 

7.  Top it off.  Don’t forget a hat – and there are so many darling ones right now that are on-trend.


images via girlfrompanama, pinterest, fashionfoodcocktails, instaview


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