How to Style Winter Boots


I hate to break it to you, but the end of winter is not yet in sight. Depending on your latitude, you may have months to go before the icy sidewalks and dirty snowbanks are but a memory.

When the snow falls, it’s advised to put function before fashion (gasp!) when it comes to footwear.  The good news is that you can stay warm and cozy AND be on trend at the same time.  Here are some ideas to style winter boots of all types.

This lumberjack-chic look with heathered high boot socks, like our Boottique Luxe Legs!  

Tuck your wool sock clad tootsies into a tall, waterproof boot over skinny jeans.  (Tip – prevent your jeans from bunching up with our Boottique Boot Snugs. They’re a must-have to style skinny boots under denim!)

Skinny jeans are a great tool to balance the bulk of a clunky winter boot. 

Work boots and Doc Martens can perform well in the winter.  Pair them with a leather legging or a distressed denim for an edgy yet comfortable look. 

images via boottique, pinterest


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