Football Food

The upcoming Super Bowl has our little town of Minneapolis all a-flutter.  There are many local events, concerts, and parties in the days and weeks leading up to the Big Event.

Regardless of where you live, you likely will attend a Super Bowl viewing party.  During seasons that I have no real vested interest in the teams playing, I ALWAYS have interest in the food spread.  The appetizers traditionally associated with football have comfort food-like qualities about them. Buffalo wings, nachos, sub sandwiches, guacamole, chips, dips. Snackadiums are a huge thing at parties now and creating them has become a competitive sport in and of itself.  Check out these images for inspiration!

In honor of our beloved Minnesota Vikings, check out this replica of the Minnesota Vikings Skol Ship outside of US Bank Stadium made entirely of snacks.

Ok, so you’re not this ambitious or creative.  Here are a few fun and EASY football snacks to try.  Enjoy!

images via mspmag, pinterest, sharisberries, vergecampus

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