A New Year – Let’s Get Organized!

Does your closet look like this…

Or like this?

Likely, you are somewhere in between.  In 2018, your closet CAN and WILL be organized.  We’ve got many products that can help you reign it all in!  Check it out…

Get your boots off of the floor and hanging properly with Boot Stax.  This will not only save space, it helps to protect your boots, extending their life.

If you are a shoe addict, Shoe Stax will DOUBLE your shelf space (allowing you to buy more shoes!!)

If you lack shelf space but have vertical hanging space, here’s an idea for storing shoes with Sandal Stax and Sneaker Stax.

Over the door hangers are nothing new, but coupled with The Boot Hanger, our Boot Valet can comfortably hold three pairs of boots, or anything on a hanger.

Adding a bar or two below your existing closet bar with the Double Decker Boot Caddy can double or triple your storage space.


Shop now, and get 20% off your purchase using code CLEANSLATE at checkout.  Good luck!

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