Holiday Gift Guide, Volume III: The Procrastinator’s Special

The final in a three part series, this gift guide focuses on those of you who like to live on the edge in terms of your holiday shopping: The Procrastinators.  You know who you are, and you know you will never change.  It’s in your DNA!  Here I will help you find the best last minute finds.  Now, you *might* have to pay up for express shipping – but that’s what you get, right?

For Her.

“From Amazon!” is certainly not the ideal answer for “Where ever did you find this great gift?” However, they do in fact have great gifts, and no one needs to know that you ordered in a sweaty panic 22 hours ago.  Now, as any mom knows, sometimes peace and quiet is hard to come by.  These Naztech Noise Canceling Headphones  are great for stealing away to catch up on Netflix in bed, or just if she needs to drown everyone out for a few minutes (it happens)!

For Him.

Have you shopped The Grommet?  I mean, what a cool site – they’ve got all of the latest and greatest gadgets and gizmos, all created by small companies.  It’s such a great resource for unique gift items, like the Juno Power Portable Jump Starter.  The Juno Jumper is a portable battery pack, with enough power to jumpstart most 4- or 6-cylinder cars. 12 volts, 300 amps, all in a pack roughly the size of a cell phone (and it charges those, too).  It can be used to charge just about anything!


For the Littles.

What kid doesn’t like a fort?  Heck, I wish I had a fort to chill out in!  Here is a teepee version of a fort, that can be easily moved from room to room or even used outdoors.  The Discovery Kids Toy Teepee Tent fits the bill for kids of all ages.

images via kohls, amazon, thegrommet


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