Holiday Gift Guide, Volume II: It’s the Perfect Time to Shop Edition

In early November, we posted the Overachiever’s Edition of our Holiday Gift Guide, the first in a three part series.  It was stressed that in an ideal scenario, holiday shopping would be completed before December begins, so that you can fully enjoy the season without the added stress of shopping.

Well, we are right in the heart of Black Friday/Cyber Monday territory, and now is clearly THE time to shop.  Set aside some hours to get online or head to your local shops to get ‘er done.  Here are some ideas, starting with one from our very own website!  GET BUSY!

For Her: 

Sometimes, we just want to leave that purse at home and travel lighter, whether we are going to the movies, a sporting event, a concert, or out shopping.  This genius invention will be her best friend – the Any-Wear-It Wallet.  Ideally worn under a tall boot, it can also be hidden on a boot loop or around the upper arm.  The best news: Boottique’s Pink Friday will feature 40% off tomorrow through Monday, 11/27!  

For Him:

If you have a man in your life that likes to cook, or a man that you would like to ENCOURAGE to cook, an initialled chef’s knife would make a great gift.  The Wustof Classic Hollow-Edge Santoku Knife can be personalized, and it’s easy to catch it on sale at Williams-Sonoma.

For Kids:

REI has been a pioneer in the unofficial anti-Black Friday movement.  They take the “We’re Better Than This Nonsense” stance regarding Black Friday, and have historically and gallantly closed their stores on this day to allow their employees to enjoy family time.  I so applaud that, and like to patronize this amazing store when possible.  The Swurfer Swing is meant to combine swinging and surfing – SWURFING!  It’s adjustable and can be used for kids of all ages, and adults too!

images via rei, boottique, williamssonoma, ableplay


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