How to Wear Winter Whites

Wearing white in the winter can be downright stunning.  But, we need to clarify which whites are appropriate for the cooler seasons.  As referenced in an earlier post, off-white denim should be a staple in every girl’s closet, if for no other reason beyond its versatile qualities.  The same goes for other winter white pieces – they can serve as staple items which can be mixed and matched with almost any outfit.

The key to wearing whites in winter is that they should never ever be *truly* white.  Not bright, blinding white.  Rather, fabrics with more yellow, vanilla-y pigments fit the bill: soft white, ivory, ecru, stone, cream…all are appropriate winter whites, darker than a true light, without crossing the line into beige territory.  

Here are some tips on how to wear winter white with success.

Layer white upon white upon white.  You can successfully get away with a monochromatic scheme when layering different hues of winter whites.

Dress it up.  The subtle backdrop of winter whites best serve your loudest accessories.  Everything goes with winter whites. 

Ebony and…winter white.   A classic match made in heaven, black and white are.

Material matters.  Trade in your summer linens and cottons for heartier cashmere and wool for winter whites.

Add texture.  A fur vest, some suede, or a chunky wool knit cap will add depth and dimension.


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