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There are many benefits to having a plant or three around your home.  They improve air quality, they look pretty, and they can give us a sense of satisfaction (if they don’t go and die on you!)  Even if you are cursed with having a black thumb, these houseplants should be realistic for you.  And remember – the plant is only as pretty as the pot it is in!

The aloe plant is nearly fool-proof.  You can go on a three week vacation and not have to worry about watering it!  In addition, the aloe plant contains a gel within its leaves which serves as a soothing salve and antibiotic to common cuts and scrapes.

My in-laws have had the same jade plant for over 40 years.  It has survived countless moves and several climate changes.  It continues to grow and thrive today, and today basically needs its own ZIP code.  Friends will take clippings from this gentle giant to start a plant of their own, always with great success.

Grouping a variety of succulents together can create a dramatic look.  While they do need a fair amount of sunlight, they don’t require much watering.


Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are a favorite accessory among interior designers for their clean aesthetic and interesting shaped leaf.  Now, be warned: these can be a bit finicky to maintain…I’ve included images of a real Fiddle Leaf, as well as a faux.  Can you tell which is which?



images via cb2, pinterest, bhg


  1. Very beautiful post! I love succulents and I am going to look into buying a fiddle leaf now! The bottom is the fake one am I right? 🙂

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