How to Translate the Runway to YOUR Closet

New York Fashion Week, also affectionately known as NYFW, is an international congregation of the best and brightest fashion designers debuting their newest runway looks.  Beyond the runway, it is a series of events, parties, and other social-media-ready soirees. The week costs designers millions (billions?) of dollars, and often leaves us common folk stranded in flyover country how these outrageous and sometimes silly designs will translate to OUR lives.  Case in point….

Here are some trends that were hot on recent runways, that you can incorporate into your own fashion-forward wardrobe without looking freakishly cuckoo.

Pantsuits on the Runway…

…and Pantsuits for You.

If you thought Pantsuit Nation went away after the 2016 presidential election, you’re wrong.  Pantsuits are here to stay…but these are not Hillary’s pantsuits.  These are pantsuits with some edge and some bite, like this one from Topshop.

Burgundy on the Runway…

and Burgundy for You.

The good news, burgundy looks good on every single one of us.  It’s a GREAT fall hue that can travel into the holiday season seamlessly, especially this dress from Kate Spade.  This is the color you should be wearing now.


Fringe on the Runway…

 and Fringe for You.

Used as an accessory or for a special-occasion dress like this one from Rachel Zoe, fringe in IN and it is surprisingly flattering.  It’s flirty and fun!


images via macys, katespade, nordstrom, wwd

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