Riley Rose: The Millennial’s Answer to Sephora?

Forever 21 is becoming an almost one-stop-shop.  In addition to their offerings of ALL things clothing and accessories geared toward the Millennial and Gen Z markets, they are launching a stand-alone beauty boutique in stores and online, to be named Riley Rose.

From the outside, it looks to be a candy store.  From the outside, it looks like…a candy store that sells makeup instead of candy.  Although there certainly is some cotton candy or pink bubblegum up in there.  In my opinion, Riley Rose looks like it will be a less sophisticated, dumbed-down, hyperpigmented Sephora on steroids.


Riley Rose will also feature makeup sampling vanities with touch screens, and you better believe that there will be selfie opportunities galore.  They will carry brands like Stila Cosmetics, R+Co, and Too Cool For School, and will pride themselves on stocking cult favorite cosmetics that have traditionally only been available online.

This will be a digital, 21st century style of commerce: “We know our customer can open her phone and research anything she sees in our store within seconds, and we embrace this reality by empowering her to explore our offerings through digital and social moments throughout the store,” co-founder Linda Chang says of the store.

images via forever21, refinery21



  1. Wow this is going to be so interesting for those who are trying to get into makeup! I found Sephora super intimidating when I was starting out, this could be a nice in-between place for those looking to explore beauty!

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