To Do This Weekend: Purge your Closet

The closet purge: a daunting task, to be sure.  But, a necessary one as well. Sometimes it takes a rainy day to put you in the frame of mind to attack your closet. Or, perhaps a move is causing you to create piles: toss – take – donate!

Even if you don’t have fashionista friends ready to come over at the ready and coax you through the process with champagne and Beastie Boys, you can and should still participate in some good old-fashioned CLOTHES PURGING.  But be warned – purging your closet (or any part of  your home, for that matter) is definitely an emotional endeavor.  For one, you spent your hard-earned dollars on said items, so that in it of itself is hard to swallow at times.  Secondly, you might associate items with a particular event or time of your life.  For better or for worse, there are likely memories attached to some of your attire.  Lastly, your mind will try to play manipulative games with you – don’t let it.  DON’T play the game of “It Will Come Back Into Style If I Just Hold On To It Long Enough,” or worse – “When I Lose Those Eight Pounds This Will Look Amazing On Me.”  Don’t go there, people!

Without getting too Marie Kondo on the bit, there are some general things to consider before need to adhere to before rolling up your sleeves and getting in there.  After removing EVERY piece of clothing from your closet, do not hang any piece back up until it passes this battery of tests.

-Will I really wear this piece again within the next six months?  We all have those pieces that we look at every few weeks, and think, “I should wear this more.”  But you don’t, so…toss.

-Does this piece fit me TODAY? Not in five pounds, but right now?  If not…toss.

-Is this piece on-point?  Especially for women who are NOT twenty-five, wearing trends from seasons past can make you look old, tired, and dated.  Sorry for the harshness here, but this is likely not the look you are going for.  Toss anything remotely dated!

-Does this coordinate with at least three other things in my closet?  Those beautiful chartreuse-and-magenta striped trousers will do you no good if you have no game plan in which to wear them with.   Toss ’em.

-Is this piece a pain in the butt?  Meaning, does it look frumpy if it’s not completely pressed?  Does it pill or shed or need constant expensive dry cleaning?  It’s not worth your time…toss it.

For those lucky items that do happen make the cut and pass this rigorous set of criteria?  Be sure to place those chosen ones back into your closet with care and love…with the help of some of our products!  

adjustable closet rod hanger by boottique

closet stax by boottique


curly hanger by boottique

Good luck, and stay strong!

images via realsimple, pinterest, boottique

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